MEZAN is Multi-awarded!


Miami Rum Rennaissance Festival

Gold medal in the “Advanced Aged Rum” Category.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

JAMAICA X.O won gold medal.

Rhum Fest Paris

Gold Medal in the “Best gold or ambré rum from molasses”.

Madrid International Rum Competition

PANAMA 2006 won the gold medal in the “Melaza Ron Zafra Especial” category (Molasses Rum Special Harvest).

Micro Liquor Awards

JAMAICA X.O won the gold medal in the tasting category and the silver medal in the packaging category.

Craft Spirits Competition, USA

MEZAN X.O won Gold medal. Craft Competition is the hub for all craft distilleries and products.


Ultimate Spirits Challenge

PANAMA 2006 receive a score of 95 «Extraordinary, ultimate recommendation.»

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

JAMAICA Long Pond 2000 won double gold.

Miami Rum Rennaissance Festival

JAMAICA X.O, PANAMA 2006, and GUYANA 2005 won best in class and gold medals in the Vintage aged rum category.

Madrid International Rum Competition

JAMAICA X.O and PANAMA 2006 won double gold and gold medals in the Rom extra Anejo category.

International Spirits Challenge

PANAMA 2006 won Gold in the Rum Tasting Awards category.

ShowRum Tasting Competition

GUYANA 2005 won Best in Class in the Independent Bottler 8-15 YO category.


Madrid International Rum Congress

JAMAICA 2005 (46°) & PANAMA 2004 won gold medals.

International Spirits Challenge

JAMAICA XO won silver medal & JAMAICA 2005 (46°) won bronze medals.

Rhum Fest Paris

JAMAICA 2005 (46°) won bronze medal in the “Best gold or ambré rum from molasses” category.

International Wine & Spirits Competition

JAMAICA XO and JAMAICA 2005 (46°) won a silver medal.


Miami Rum Rennaissance Festival

PANAMA 2006 and GUYANA 2005 won gold medals.

Bartenders Brand Awards

JAMAICA XO won silver & bronze medals.

Meiningers International Spirits Awards

JAMAICA 2005 (46°) and JAMAICA XO won gold medals.


Liquor Rank by Bin Magazine

PANAMA 2006 achieved a rating of 90 points – “Superb!”.

International Spirits Challenge

JAMAICA XO, JAMAICA 2007 (46°) & TRINIDAD 2003 (46°) won gold medals.

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